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5/11/09 12:37 pm - ...


11/14/08 09:19 pm - Fuck It

I'm having super family problems. My Mom is gonna leave my Dad. My Grandmother has a deep case of Alzheimer's disease and is in a Nursing home. Now she isn't eating. Her birthday was about two weeks ago too. I'm scared that she'll die soon. I also lost the camera that had pictures of her and can't find it anywhere. It was the last time we took pics of her. My Mom isn't making me feel any better by making me feel guilty. It's not like I meant to lose it, it was a mistake that hoped to be fixed. Ever since I moved here everything's been going downhill. I fucking hate Florida. I hate life. I never asked for this shit so why is it happening?

10/27/08 07:15 am - Evil Kiara

Yea...remember that roach in the room. Well I think it came into mine. Lol. I'm just joking, but I'm scared. It's HUGE...real big. V.V SAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I slept with the lamp on.

10/22/08 11:43 am - ugh.....

Seriously...I feel so betrayed. I feel like none of my friends have time for me. Especially one of my best friends. I text her and she texts back like a gazillion years later. Well anyways I got Converse on Saturday and for once I'm happy in Florida. My mom made me get a size 9 when I'm 9 1/2.  Now my pinky toes hurt. HELLO MOM I TOLD YOU I NEEDED TOE SPACE, BUT NOOOOOO YOU WERE LIKE YOU  TOHAVE GET A 9 DAMMIT!!! Yea she even cursed in the store. I have no school on Friday...haha to people who do. Anyways we got this policy that if your absent for 3 days or less and have an A you don't have to take the final. If you have a B and are absent for 2 days or less you still don't have to take it.  If you have a C and are here everyday you don't have to take it but it's recommended that you should cuz you could bring your grade up. Anyways my pinky toes are killing me. No pain without gain right? I got good shoes, a big chest, people say that I'm pretty (even-though I don't think so), so life is pretty much suckish. My mom also asked me what would I do if she goes back to NYC to live. I was like uhhh...hello you're gonna have to wait till I finish school cuz  I'm tired of fucking my credits up. I could've been graduating early. V.V Now I'm gonna see if I can take Algebra II online cuz I don't wanna take it next year. I also wanna graduate early, but still go to prom and all that jazz. I'm taking care of my face but it's being a bitch and rebelling. Now I got marks all over my face. My friend Viki...her dog had puppies. I want one. If she sells it to me for $100. The males are $200 and the females are $500. I want a boy. They're miniature pinchers. They were born like on Saturday or Sunday. My father might get me one. Just don't tell my Mom. Oh I have a cursing problem. Me and my Mom both. Me in English and Spanish. My Mom in Spanish. It's a very bad habit. Fuck (<-- See, bad!!!!) I wrote alot. Oh well.

10/20/08 12:33 pm - Seriously!!!!

Before ya go and say she curses to d*mn much. YEAH I DO!!!! AND I EFFIN' PROUD OF IT TOO!!! Anyways I was reading stories as usual and I swear some peoples character info sucks soooooo much AS*SSS!!!! First of all your writing a story and the love interest is a normal human, so why the hell are there characters with super powers and being half vampire or half demon. I understand if it's a show or something like Yu Yu Hakusho or Bleach. Then the character can have some type or form of super powers. But when I'm reading fanfics about shows like Yu-Gi-Oh or Yu-Gi-Oh GX! or some other show that has nothing to do with super powers. I see these info's and you got the thing saying: your a vampire and its your first time at this school and blah blah blah. Or: Your this&this and your family is cursed to bear this&this. Then not only that the characters are sooooooooooo mary-sue. Have your characters have balls (Not in that sense ya disgusting F*cks) shoo!! I'm tired of reading crap saying that the character is always in trouble. Have her curse a little or something. I'm also tired of seeing the Emo shit happening! Not only that can ya stop basing the characters off of yaselves. That and having the best friend always being hyper. Sh*t. Do something different. Everything so d*mn cliche that it's dead. Ya say that ya have an imagination and really ya guys don't. Then the names. I've been reading fanfics about J-rock bands and stuff and you got the American girl or the European Girl. Seriously can it be someone of Japanese heritage as the character or a hispanic person. Now, I'm not saying that its racist or anything and I'm not trying to be racist but I'm tired of characters being white girls who are blond or brunette with blue eyes. Let it be a Dominican Girl or a Puerto Rican girl or a natural born asian. I'm tired of seeing brown hair or blond hair, blue eyes. NEWS FLASH PEOPLE:There are other hair and eye colors out there!!! Then we got the people who dye their hairs. I'm cool with that but if its there most of the time it just gets annoying. Then can you have the character at least not be a fan of the band. They're a foreigner...I barely have friends who are into the same bands as me because most of it is J-Rock or something. Bands in Japan might have alot of Fans in other countries but not as much as they're home country. Let them become a fan or something. Really though, don't do something cliche like they moved to Japan because they have family problems or they wanted to get away from an Ex. I get it if they always wanted to go there in order to see it and learn japanese for that purpose, but don''t make the reason stupid. And the spelling...OMG!!! Do not get me started on ya spelling. I'm not saying that ya can't write or something like that, but seriously make an effort to actually write and spell decently. I know ya do not write like that in school or college or in public period. In a text message thats okay but keep that sh*t to a minimum. No one wants to read a crappy story and I know as hell neither do you so don't write just as sh*tty. Its like the golden rule ya: Do unto others as you wish others do unto you. If you feel like writing a story then at least make it decent. Not only that, stop asking your friends for 5 stars when you know your work does not deserve that high of a rating. Ask for a honest rating. Shoot I'm not trying to be mean but ya gotta step it up. Write something worth reading, not some peace of sh*t story that has huge font but is less than 5 sentences. Also if you know you don't have the time to write don't write at all and wait another time when you have free time. I understand if it's like 3 chapters, but most of them. NO!!! Don't bother writing it if you really can't. It's not worth it. Wait until another time. I'm seriously not trying to be mean and apologize in advance if ya offended, but seriously step it up. There's alot of potential, but if ya don't use it, don't bother writing anything. It's just a waste of time. And before ya get mad at me, THIS IS THE TRUTH!!! Nobody said the truth don't hurt. I'm just being real and pointing out all the things that really destroys the story.

9/22/08 06:56 am - School

I'm at school. It's really crappy. Not only did they steal my camera, but the teachers don't do anything about it either. I even told them where it all happened and what period the person is. Shows how much they enforce 'NO STEALING' Don't they teach this crap to kids in elementary school or something. Stealing shows the kind of person you will become when your older. Top 3: Druggie, Robber, Gangsta
Its all there. It's just sad what be happening to people. Actually nowadays people are ridiculously stupid and retarded.

9/15/08 06:59 am - Unbelievable....

Are children these days taught to steal!? Seriously what the f*ck!! Has anyone got any morals??? My camera was stolen while I was in personal fitness and my bag was in the girls locker room. The culprit could only be a person inside the locker room cuz the doors have no handles and it's locked when everyone is out. I'm a file a stolen report but yea, there is a slight chance that the camera can be recovered. This shit is ridiculous though. What is it people go through another person's stuff...whatever happened to somone's privacy? What would happened if there was a bomb in my bag instead of books and stuff like that?? Shows what parents are teaching their kids today, I'm pretty sure they don't even care. Shit man, nothing is fucking private or safe anymore. It's f*cking incredible what people be doing these days.

8/11/08 12:54 am - Back in Hell

Hey peoples...I'm back in Florida. I HATE IT HERE!!!!!!!!! I can't wait till I'm seventeen. Thats when I'm out of High School. But seriously I can't wait cuz once I move out I'm going back to new york city. I might stay with my bros for a while wait a year before college. Get a job to help their lazy asses to pay bills then once I've done more than enough go to school get my stuff and get my own place. That and I'll have a part time job. That way I can still pay everything off.

7/30/08 10:38 pm - Yo

Hello LJ and ya!!(Ya knows who ya is) My name is Ari. Call me Ari.  I hope to post many things in the future. Right now I don't have anything to post.  Except this... I HATE MY EFFIN' BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!
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